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Back in Motion is a holistic chiropractic clinic located in the heart of downtown Shawnee, Kansas. We combine the best in traditional chiropractic care with innovative wellness solutions that help you achieve total health.

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One of the first clinics in the United States specializing in photobiomodulation.

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Over 90% success rate with patients suffering with chronic pain

Our Services

Back in Motion provides a variety of treatment options in addition to conventional chiropractic care. We see the best results when we are able to place patients with the right treatment options for them.
Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Back In Motion Whole Body Wellness is dedicated to providing experienced traditional and modern chiropractic care.

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Superhuman Protocol

Be Superhuman

Our exclusive program benefiting young athletes to seniors combines light therapy, PEMF, and exercise with oxygen therapy.

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Light for a healthier life!

Kansas City's first Theralight 360, Red and Infrared Light Therapy, healing for the whole body.

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MLS M6 High Power Laser

Future of Pain Management

MLS robotic laser therapy is a powerful tool for addressing both chronic and acute pain and inflammation.

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Pulse centers PEMF

Energize your life!

Pulse Centers PEMF reduces the impact of electromagnetic frequencies from electronics and recharges the body.

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